Bird Proofing


Bird Proofing

Bird droppings are a huge problem for solar panel owners in Scotland. Solar panels offer birds an easy nesting site. Solar Services Scotland provide a professional bird protection, proofing and service for residential and commercial solar panel installations.

Bird / Pigeon control is important due to the damage and disease problems these problem birds often create. The uric acid in pigeon faeces is highly corrosive and can cause extensive damage to metals and other substrates they sit on for long periods.

Cleaning bird droppings on your solar panels  important because they create what is known as “hard shading.” This is when a solid object blocks sunlight in a clear definable shape. This can be detrimental and damage your solar panels because the current cannot flow through these shaded areas and is diverted to non-shaded areas. Over time this can cause “Hotspots” and lead to a temperature increase. This affects the efficiency of your solar panels.

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