Solar Services

Servicing & Maintenance of Solar Panel Systems

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) is the most effective way of ensuring your PV solar panel system is performing correctly.
If  is not properly maintained on a regular basis this could lead to :

  • Loss of revenue
  • Safety issues
  • Third party injury

Solar Safety System Check

Solar Panel Service & Maintenance check

Solar Panel Service & Maintenance check

Has your solar PV system been inspected to ensure that it is compliant with MCS regulations? Although your system was installed by an MCS company, they may not have been a qualified electrician. A faulty installation may impact the validity of your insurance policy in the unfortunate event of a fire.

With the instant growth and popularity of Solar PV systems being installed throughout the UK, installations have been rushed and often completed by apprentices without the competency to comply with MCS regulations. Many houses have been left vulnerable to electrical faults; potentially resulting in damaging fires.

  • Do you know if all you Solar Panels are working correctly?
  • Has your original company went out of business?
  • Is your system delivering the financial results you were promised?
  • Do you know if your Solar PV system wiring is safe?
  • Do you have peace of mind that your investment is protected?
  • Have your Solar Panels been cleaned in the last 12 months?

If the answer is “NO” to any of these questions, Contact Solar Services Scotland today to organize a site visit and get entry into one of our Solar PV maintenance packages.

Solar PV Panel System Maintenance, Service and Cleaning Packages 

One of our solar technicians will visit your premises and perform a full diagnostic check and electrical safety inspection on your system

Solar Services Scotland are now offering a Solar PV maintenance and cleaning package.
From as little as £60.00 you can have peace of mind that your Solar PV system is producing as much it can and still complies with MCS standards.

As part of our service & maintenance packages we can check the following:

  • PV Panels
  • Panel structure/mounts
  • DC & AC cabling
  • Check & Clean Inverter – functions
  • Check Inverter – connections
  • Voltage & Current of Full System
  • Produce Snow & wind loading reports
  • Provide advice on innovative technologies like battery storage systems

An annual service can improve system output by up to 30% and will keep you in line with your panel manufacturers warranty requirements.
Find out more by contacting us now – Solar panel service & maintenance packages.