Solar Services Scotland

Solar Services Scotland are Scotland’s premier solar panel cleaning & maintenance company.Solar Services Scotland

We clean, service & maintain commercial and residential solar panels ranging from large solar farms to small domestic solar installations both ground and roof mounted.

Why cleaning solar panels is important

Solar panels function by converting the sun’s energy into electricity. The more sunlight that reaches your solar PV cells the more power your panels generate. The angle of solar panel installations means they are prone to bird droppings and a build-up of dust & general dirt which won’t wash away during normal rainfall. This can cause a reduction in the amount of sunlight and affect the output efficiency of your panels.

Projected earnings of any solar panel installation are measured at optimum efficiency levels.
This means that if your solar panels are dirty and not cleaned regularly your expected income may be less.

Solar cleaning & maintenance services

Solar Services Scotland service the needs of solar customers throughout Scotland & the UK
making sure that they get the maximum return on investment from the solar photovoltaic
(PV) system they have installed.

Our main services include:

With over 15 years combined commercial experience in the solar industry, Solar Services Scotland have
the knowledge, experience and expertise to fulfil any job no matter the size or scale of your operation.

For a free no obligation quote or to ask any questions please email us via our Contact Us page or call us on 01698 239 709